TV Advertising

TV Advertising


"A Small piece of Visual Advertisement has the power to enchant you even in your toughest time"

Being one of the top advertising agencies in Lucknow, we have years of experience in navigating fast-evolving marketing landscape and delivering quality marketing services. As a leading advertising agency in Lucknow, we have a long history of delivering successful business outcomes for clients from diverse industry verticals. Our practices of going above and beyond to deliver results enable the company to stand tall over the client’s expectations. Our advertising agency encompasses determined marketers and certified professionals who are adept at handling all aspects of marketing and everything in between. Afluex multiservices LLP is an integrated advertising agency with various areas of specialization. Our service areas cover media planning & Media Buying for Television and on other various communication networks, Brand Management services, Online Branding and Marketing through advertisement on social media. Afluex has just put a step in advertisement world and with its hard work and dedication it is making a brand value for yourself as well as for our clients at a very high pace, so the same is our tagline- "Our work and dedication creates your Brand value".

This strategy has enabled us to launch FMCGs, Media brands, Schools, fashion brands and B2B organizations. The next generation of TV advertising is not just about finding your audience on any screen it is about finding them on every screen. To truly have interaction with potential customers, it’s essential to achieve them on their TV platform of choice– whether or not it’s a standard TV, a laptop, or a mobile device and place your message on the most popular shows and digital destinations. Learn more about the Afluex and get started with your advertising plan today.

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