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Cinema Or Multiplex  Advertising

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Cinema Or Multiplex Advertising

Cinema Or Multiplex advertising

Get your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach & ROI in your media plan. Afluex, Cinema advertising is one of the most fascinating new age marketing options. Its cinema advertising rates are one among very cheap among non-mass media.

While Cinema Advertising has been in place for nearly thirty years within the history of cinema advertising in India, it's the recent previous few years once Cinema Advertising in India has become popular among the advertisers. Cinema advertising is popular not only among large advertisers but small budget advertisers as well. The popular cinema chains in multiplex cinema advertising are PVR Cinema, Inox, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, Sathyam Cinemas, Phonix, DT Cinemas, SRS and Wave Cinemas. Single screen and multiplex cinema advertising could be a nice vehicle to advertise in rural markets in india. Cinema advertising rate depends on the location of the theatre, the seating capacity of the cinema and the brand.

Single screen theatre advertising rate is normally cheaper than the Multiplex Cinema advertising rate. Cinema or multiplex ads are often placed either on the screen or in cinema complexes. The later type of cinema advertising is additionally termed as Offline Cinema advertising. The popular cinema advertising media choices slide on the screens, videos on the screens and cinema branding within the cinema complex.

Cinema Advertising Rates

Rates for advertising Cinema depends on the type of cinema screen, A variety of seats, cinema location and therefore the cinema brand. Cinema advertising cost for Multiplex cinema advertising is generally on top of that for single screens.

Media Options to advertise in Cinema

Cinema advertising options can be divided into Onscreen Cinema Advertising and off Screen Cinema Advertising. Ads in cinemas area unit vie either before the beginning of the show or during the interval.

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