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Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor Advertising Agency in Lucknow

Afluex Multiservices LLP is an advertising agency that was built with a passion to improve the outdoor advertising standards in Lucknow, India and surrounding areas.

It was founded in 2017 by a team of young and enterprising outdoor professionals led. We learn a great deal in our daily lives by trying all around, except for a business owner it's a chance to introduce you with the product/service he offers, By all means, Outdoor Advertising works extremely well for running an advertisement campaign targeting specific areas. We facilitate our purchasers in choosing the best place and platform to push their business and offerings. Our inventive Designers produce Innovative and expeditiously informative display to let prospective customers understand your product and services.

Afluex specializes in offering Complete Outdoor Advertising Services for various firms, MNC, Organizations. As a part of the entire outdoor Advertising Services, we tend to manufacture and install Hoardings Advertising, Unipoles Advertising, Gantries Advertising, kiosk Advertising, Traffic trolley Advertising, independent hoarding Pole Advertising and LED Lights Advertising. Being a high quality Certified Manufacturer and service provider in India, we tend to create use of the premium materials, like a beam, Channel, Iron Sheets, Iron Pipes, Lights, Flex, Vinyl, etc. Moreover, our Complete Outdoor Advertising Services are availed by companies for promotion at Launching Ceremonies, Fairs, Campaigns, Press Conferences, etc. Therefore, our Outdoor Advertising Products cater to diverse industrial requirements, like Mobile Handset, Mobile Communication Companies, FMCG, Shoes, Suiting Shirting's, State and Central Government of India, Colleges, and Institution, Hospital, Electronic product, Paint firms, Builders and many more.

Services Offered

  • Kiosk Advertising

  • Led Light Advertising

  • Hoarding Advertising

  • Unipoles Advertising

  • Gantries Advertising

  • Traffic Trolley Advertising

  • Independent Hoarding Pole Advertising

Afluex Multiservices LLP