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Afluex Multiservices LLP offers customer sales tracking software for the construction industry and is suitable for companies of all sizes. Afluex offers features such as the ability to track, set goals for team members, view reports and coordinate workflow within the organization. Using the Afluex systems marketing automation tools and sales leads lists you can then create automated marketing follow-up programs that ensure that valuable information is continually sent out to the sales leads and existing customers base on a pre-determined schedule. Afluex follow up software program is perfect for sales follow-up as well as for marketing automation.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

We provide a central online location where users can manage all their contacts and customers. With an easy-to-use interface, they can create new contacts, move them through the sales process, and manage all related notes and communications such as email and phone calls. The software provides visibility of the pipeline and helps users identify which deals require action. They can measure and track every activity in the sales process. Tools allow quickly checking off an activity or tagging data with pre-defined dropdowns. Creating a new entry is simple and quick, which can be easily searched throughout the entire sales process.

Easy & Simple Project Management

This CRM has a simple project management functionality built right into the software. It is designed for the construction business and includes task management features. Thus, users know precisely what tasks they have to do. It has reminder features so no information or activity gets ignored or forgotten. It has charts and graphs that visually show what needs to get done today to meet project goals.

Seamless Integration

Follow up software integrates with outlook to track customer emails in a dynamic automated way. Other apps that integrate include Quick Books and FCS+.

We are simple and complete, with everything in one place
Your agents feel comfortable and assured and see their performance improve.
You get control, better performance, and more sales.
  • Automatically pull in your leads from 200+ sources
  • The smart lists to take the guesswork out of who to call next
  • Pre-written drip campaigns and action plans
  • Dedicated on boarding team to make getting started easy
  • Replace your business phone system so everything runs through your follow up software.
  • Automatically route leads to your team.
  • A Full 2-way email sync with Gmail and Office 365.
  • Syncs with your Google Calendar.
  • An intuitive, zero-learning-curve interface.
  • Support 7 days a week.
  • App for Android and iOS.
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